Thursday, March 20, 2008

A Change in Weather

I love the transitional seasons - you get to start breaking out of the weather rut you've been in and start wearing clothes that haven't seen the light of day in months. Today we're over seventy degrees, I had the house open all morning, and I'm only now starting to do anything particularly productive (boy do I love Thursdays). Today, I dusted off my sandals and decided to risk it. I spent some time outside, too, and my face feels hot still from what's sure to be a faint sunburn. I've got to say, even without knowing that spring break is next week, I'd still be in a great mood right now. It's nearly impossible to be cranky on a day this gorgeous.

Other reasons to be in a good mood:

Between various readings/receptions, etc. this has been a busy but fun week. Tonight I'm off to a fiction reading by Annie Dawid.

I scored the night off tomorrow and will be meeting up with the gang for dinner.

Last night I got a line from the movie A Knight's Tale stuck in my head, and only figured out where it had come from this morning. This is relevant because I think I may have a title for my thesis now.

Since I think I've decided on a thesis title, I figure I ought to have a story of the same name.

I went to the library today and picked up some books, one of which sparked an idea of what I should do for my thesis title story.

I'm excited about writing a story again after so long of writing only poems, and not so many of those.


Oz, the Mad said...

Which line?

Ali said...

Whatever happened to preserving my authorial mystique?

First you give me a hard time for telling too much, now you ask me to reveal more. Sheesh.

I'll tell you later, I've gotta watch the movie again first.

Debbie said...

Authorial Mystique. I see a writing book in Ali's future.

It's good to be excited about stories again. And to share that excitement. And to share the stories. Hint, hint.

I, too, am a fan of transitional seasons. Makes new stuff seem possible. And, I hope, makes renewal of old stuff possible.

Jenny said...

Wait, wait, I've got it!

It's William's line when speaking to the princess (my approximation):

"Your breasts...are...below your throat..."

Ali said...

A good guess, Jenny, but not quite. Though I suppose "Below Your Throat" isn't a bad title...