Sunday, August 1, 2010

100 Colorful Pages

After all of this drafting during the past two months, I think it's time to shift gears and focus on revising.

Jenny does this thing where she prints out drafts on colored paper. First draft is one color. Second draft another, and so on. The idea is that each draft is then color-coded and she can easily track how the work has evolved.

Well, I don't know about all that mumbo jumbo, but I do know that office supplies are fun and they make paper in so many pretty, pretty colors these days. Yesterday, I picked up a pack of bright yellow paper. In this pack there are 100 sheets and in August, I am going to use them all.

My goal for August is pretty straight forward. I'm going to look at some things I've already written and I'm going to print them out on my new colorful paper. Then I'm going to read through the pages and write all over them. Simple, isn't it?

I've got 100 pages to print and write up. Now I just have to look at what I've got in my files and decide what to print. Here goes step one of a great revision adventure. Stay tuned.


Jenny said...

I'm not sure about that mumbo jumbo either--I just like office supplies too! (And had to find an excuse to get them.) But it worked out pretty okay.

Debbie said...

Yeah, I figured it was a good excuse to get the pretty colors. But it seems to work so why not?