Thursday, October 28, 2010


With October rolling to a close (What?! How'd I miss a whole month?!) and me being a slacker of late - uprooting my life to move and start a new job is hardly a good enough excuse - I've decided that National Blog Posting Month may be a good way to
A. Make up for my slackerness
B. Get some blog/writing momentum

Ergo, I've decided that my November goal will be NaBloPoMo. I invite all y'all to join me, too. For all of you who're nearby, I propose an end of the month meet up at my new favorite yogurt shop in Pueblo to celebrate all our blog-posty-awesomeness. Come on, you know you love frozen yogurt. Who's in?


Debbie said...

What are the rules?

Ali said...

The rules are simple: Post every day in November. You in?