Thursday, August 19, 2010

August Photo Contest

I'm off to photo club soon. Every meeting features a contest, the themes for the year are announced each January with one theme per month. This month's theme was sunset/sunrise, and it was tough. I had a hard time getting photos because there are so many elements that go along with the perfect sunset photo, like timing (obviously), clouds to reflect the sunset color off of, and things like having a focal element aside from just the sunset because have you ever seen a photo of a straight sunset? It's kind of boring, actually. You need good landscape, or a good subject, etc. to really make the photo work. In the end, I'm not all that satisfied with the photo I'll be submitting, but I'm still submitting it because it was the best photo I got for the theme and a huge reason for participating in the contests is the participation itself.

Things I like about this photo: the sunset was a beautiful one, with pretty clouds and bright reds.
Things I don't like about this photo: the angle (I think it would have worked better if I'd been able to get a lower angle) and the sharpness isn't all it could have been.


Debbie said...

Still a gorgeous photo, Ali. With quite an ominous feel to it. I'm wanting to take shelter under those rocks, because something bad, big and bad, is coming.

Fleur Bradley: said...

I like it a lot, fwiw.