Friday, March 21, 2008


I'm a big believer in synchronicity, though I don't know if "believer" is the best word to use. What happens is that I notice, time and time again, how things tend to align in life. In my last post I talked about some of that alignment in respect to getting me back to my thesis. There's a bit more of it, too.

When I went to the library yesterday, I hit the new books first, then started roaming around the stacks, looking for titles or covers that caught my eye. Interesting to note: it seems mystery novels tend to have the most eye-catching titles. So, my selection process was pretty random. For the most part I wasn't looking for any particular author or any books I'd already heard of, just pulling stuff off because I liked the color of the cover. Of the dozen books I looked at, a few turned out to be short story collections. Any other day, none would be, they'd all be novels. In light of this, I went with it and of the half dozen books I checked out, three were these collections.

From the library I went to campus and a Hungry Eye meeting, then I went to my office to kill time before the Annie Dawid reading. Juan stopped by to pick up some files for the faculty search and while we chatted he asked if I'd like to go along on dinner with him and Annie. So, instead of killing time in the office by watching TV shows on the computer, I ate Pad Thai and chatted with an award winning short story writer whose first book was a short story collection. One of her books is a short story cycle, even.

Can you hear the "click, click, click" of things lining up before me? Sometimes it's not so much about going out and finding stuff as it is about embracing the stuff that casually comes your way.

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Jenny said...

I'd like to add something profound here...but I think you said what I had in mind anyway. Damn you.