Monday, November 5, 2007

The Day of Much Accomplishing

Today is do or die day. The TA application materials are due. Here, I thought I had a copy of the last letter I wrote saved on the school computers (I deleted it from my home computer, 'cause that ship had sailed, right?). Turns out the file marked "TA Application Letter" is all of two sentences. No help there. Well, in any event, the supplementary stuff (letters of rec., mainly) is already taken care of, so it's just all on me. Super.

Let me explain something briefly: Mondays for me are like Sundays for everyone else. They are day two of my weekend, thanks to usually working at the bar on Saturdays. I like Mondays because I get to goof off and watch DVDs, etc. Mondays are beautiful.

No day off for me today, however. I've got to write my TA letter, do a couple hours on campus (to make up for what I missed last week for the craft show), get some things together for a major project due in Katherine's class soon, and take care of some Hungry Eye business. Then, there are a couple of personal errands I have to run and the Rogues' meeting happens later tonight, which I plan to be early for so I can sit in the coffee shop and finally finish the rough draft of the La Llarona story.

I'm not even supposed to have had breakfast yet on Mondays, and here I am, already on campus.

I just keep telling myself, "You just hafta make it to Thanksgiving break. A whole week of no school. You can make it..." It's kind of working.


The One and Only John said...

Don't forget to breathe. It's horrible how time off seems so wide open until it rolls around, and all your time gets eaten up.

Ali said...

On the bright side, breathing is an automatic thing, thus, easy to multi-task.

Now, if only I could finish writing this TA letter. I'll be so excited to not have to look at it any more.

Debbie said...

Save the comfy chairs. :-)