Sunday, September 20, 2009

Ending, and Beginning Again

So, sometime tomorrow, or maybe the next day, there's a very real possibility that I'll have a completed draft of the Cass novel. I'm talking whole she-bang, people. It's an impressive thought. Of course, said draft will be far from perfect, and there's plenty of messiness to clean up, but I'll have a beginning, middle, and end. Whoo-doggie.

But, the contest doesn't end tomorrow, or the next day. That means I'm going to have to dive right into the next project. I've been thinking about going back to Oracle for a while now, (like what, a year and a half?) and it looks like the contest will necessitate this happening ASAP. It's exciting. (Not to mention exhausting. Trying to keep up with Boudreau is tough.)


B. Freret said...

"You are getting verrryyy sleeepyy.... your eyelids are heavy. They are waiting for you: your bed, your pillow. Go to them, rest, you have earned it.

Go to them! NOW. Okay? Stop catching up, for goodness sakes."

What, I didn't say anything.

Very. Very. Very exiting about Cass. What an amazing thing to come out of all this.

When it is done, you should just take off a few days, give yourself a break.



Jenny said...

I hate you. And that hate is becoming less loving by the minute.

Ali said...

Boudreau - you can slow down any time you want to, too.

Jenny - who ever said I was doing this contest to make you love me? ;) More like, this contest is just like giving birth: you've got to push, and there's lots of pain, but at the end, you've got this bloody, slimey thing to love.

Debbie said...

Yeah, yeah. There are several reasons I never gave birth.

Fleur Bradley said...

Rock on, Ali! Finishing a draft is an awesome feeling.

Camille said...


Ali said...

Deb - lol.

Fleur & Camii - thanks for the encouraging remarks.