Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Samoas Incident

Betsy had just woken up from sleeping in and was still wearing her gray terrycloth robe. She still had curlers in her hair, the fuzz of a dream in her head, pillow creases on her face, and an empty spot in her stomach where breakfast was soon to go. In short, she didn't especially feel like answering the door.

But, there was always a chance it could be Publisher's Clearinghouse and the allure of a comically oversized check with lots of zeroes outweighed her vanity. She pulled the door open.

"Good morning Mrs. Sebastianson," said a little pig-tailed girl with a big smile full of braces.

"Er," said Betsy.

"My name is Sally. I live up the street." Sally pointed. Betsy waited for her to get to the point.

"The reason I've come today is I'm doing a fund raiser for school to help raise money for new basketballs for my gym class." Little Sally fumbled with a catalog.

Fund raiser? Betsy perked up. "Got any Samoas?"


"You know, Samoas. Cookies with caramel?"

Sally looked blank, then she held up the catalog. Page after page of stationary and flower bulbs. "You see, this is what we're selling."

"No Samoas then?"

"No, I guess not."

Betsy sighed. "Well, then." Betsy closed the door on little Sally. Maybe Publisher's Clearinghouse would come tomorrow.


Debbie said...

Too good. You have to find a home for this one.

Ali said...

Thanks Deb. Maybe after the contest I'll take another look through all my Wednesday stuff and do some polishing to submit some of it places. Hrm... Could be fun.

Marie D-W said...

This was especially fun for me. Well written and I got to read an interesting blog post on my favorite show. Good job.

B. Freret said...

Excellent, I enjoyed this very much!