Tuesday, September 8, 2009

No More Slots/The Detailed Contest Terms

So, I made this bet, with whoever wanted to take me up on it, that I could write more than they could. Much to my surprise, not only did someone take me up on said bet, but three someone's did. I'm officially announcing that the contest is full. Love you lots, but if you haven't joined in yet, you'll have to wait for the next one (or start one yourself).

That said, let me introduce the contestants and lay out the terms.

Me, of course
Jenny, of the CWC
Deb, also of the CWC
and B. Freret, who is a mysterious figure I've only met via the internet

  • The contest will begin at midnight on Monday, September 14th.
  • During the contest, the goal is simple: write a lot of words. Those words will all go toward a specific, unified project (I'll be working on Cass).
  • If, during the contest, someone finishes their project - i.e. they've wrapped up their novel - then they start on their next project. However, the word count does not include miscellaneous stuff like personal e-mails, blog posts, etc. If it's not in the novel/story collection, it doesn't count.
  • Also, obviously, only words written during the contest itself count.
  • During the contest, each contestant will keep a running word count on their respective blog.
  • The contest will end on Sunday, September 27th. Given consideration for UGWP responsibilities/dinner, I'm going to make the deadline 12:00 noon.
  • No later than 12:01 p.m. on the 27th, each contestant will e-mail the others what they've written.
Okay, I think I've gotten all the important points. Oh yeah, the winner gets a free dinner. Now, Jenny and Deb are thinking the person with the lowest word count buys everybody else dinner, but I'm broke, so I'm thinking I'm going to see if I can talk them into changing that a bit - like, the losers pool their resources to buy the winner a meal. And Boudreau, well, I'm working under the assumption that Boudreau might not be in Colorado and thus may be unable to make the dinner. We'll see.


B. Freret said...

My vote, for what it might be worth, is also that the losers pool resources to buy the winner their meal.

"[M]ysterious figure" is much more polite than "bizarre" or "touched," and I thank you for that. I suspect that people who have actually met me (Donna, for example) would choose more colorful (yet appropriate) adjectives.

I predict Deborah [Last name unknown or I would use it] will win. Is there a side pool for that?

Debbie said...

Like the pooling resources idea as well. The rules seem clear enough.

B., I appreciate the vote of confidence. After all, they do call me "The Machine." However, I also have a couple new extra-curricular activities I'm starting this week, so this may have been a really crazy thing for me to undertake. Not that I don't intend to give it my best shot.

Oh, and call me Deb.

Jenny said...

B., B., B.--I was set to like you...but then you voted for Deb! Ah, well, the smackdown will be sweet.

Ali, I'm all for pooling resources. That's because we'll all be going to a super expensive restaurant in Denver...Top Chef quality stuff, ya know. You guys are gonna hafta put up a really good fight to stop me! mwhahahahaha

B. Freret said...

Not a vote, really, but realistically, she IS The Machine...

Besides, I have to do what I can to make my impending defeat that much sweeter for you!