Thursday, September 17, 2009

As I Go Writing

I have discovered that my word processor does not recognize the word "lych." Nor does my web browser, or anything else. More's the pity. It's a good word.

In other news: It's nice to see the contest folk doing so well, though I admit I wouldn't mind a few of them doing a little less well. Punks.


B. Freret said...

The default spell checker in OpenOffice can bite me and die.

I can't fault it for having a non-North American English slant, but there is so much red on the page (most of which beneath words that I know to spelled correctly) that my eyes just glaze over the red and keep on keeping on.

Anyway, I agree, good word.

Ali said...

Gotta love technomology.

Jenny said...

You can slow down any time now, Ali.