Sunday, September 27, 2009

On Bets and Word Counts

I officially declare the 2009 write-off over with. Boy howdy, I am more than ready.

Technically, there's still about twenty minutes left to the contest, but Boudreau finished at 10:00, 'cause he's in another time zone, and I'm just plain done. Deb and Jenny have also said "finito."

Documents have been e-mailed between Boudreau and I and I've done a word count. I used Word for the sake of consistency - 'cause Boudreau and I have both used Open Office at points in the contest and it and Word count words differently (blech, dumb software). So, completed documents got opened in Word and counted.

Total Counts
Me: 40,870
Boudreau: 40,445
Deb: 17,007
Jenny: 11,262

Boy am I ever exhausted and brain-fried. I'm sure I'll have a post up in the next couple days that has more to say about the bet and what I learned from it, (like from doing a blind re-write on the 1st part of Oracle), but for today I've not got that much in me.

Instead, I'll just say an enthusiastic Congratulations! to everyone who participated. You've all done lots in the past two weeks, and I'm proud to have y'all to go up against. Without Boudreau's manic progress, I guarantee you I wouldn't have cranked out as much as I did. That's the beauty of competition.

You all are totally badass in my book, and I'm glad to know you. Now step away from the computer and go do something else.


Jenny said...

Badass doesn't cover what you and Boudreau did. That's an insane word count. I'm mind-bottled over it.

B. Freret said...

Like I said before, thank you for allowing me to participate.

I am in awe: you are The Machine.

Fleur Bradley said...

You all rock! That's a lot of words...

Debbie said...

I do officially hand over the title of The Machine to Ali.

Of course, you now have no excuse for not participating in NaNoWriMo this year. 50k in 30 days will be a walk in the park for yas.

Ha! Hoist on your own petard.

Ali said...

40,000+ in two weeks is crazy, and not without aftermath. Thanks for the good thoughts.

Deb, I would argue that the past two weeks is my pass out of NaNo :)

B. Freret said...

That is exactly what i was thinking, Ali - I fully expect to have 50K in 21 days, why do NaNoWriMo? For the sake of doing it?

Been there, done that... ;-)