Monday, May 19, 2008

The Tattoo Story

I just finished getting that sucker all typed up. Man, I hadn't realized how long it is. When I was writing it out, I only numbered every physical page (i.e. each sheet of paper) so in my mind, I kept thinking about it as a seven-page story. Turns out it's more like a twelve-pager. Okay, so it's not epic, but it's almost twice the number of pages I had in my mind that I needed to type. Perception is everything.

It's funny, what can happen when transcribing. I use transcription as a way of doing a built-in edit. Since I'm typing it anyway, I might as well fix things as I go. The best part is when I'm typing one line and I think "this is how the next one should go" then I look over and that is, in fact, the way I'd written it - even though my thought felt original and clever.

Originally, I planned to make the tattoo story the title story for my thesis, but this second time around the title didn't really seem to work. Now I'm calling it Needle and Thread instead. Oh well, that's how it goes.

Well, back to getting my submission ready. I've got at least seven pages to go in order to meet the minimum, and I find myself distressingly unsure of how to fill them. I was sure I had more pages than I apparently do. Drat.

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