Sunday, May 18, 2008

More Organization

Today is my day for putting together what I've got so far of my thesis to submit it to the novel group tomorrow. Thankfully, right now this mostly means copy/pasting what I already have typed up and transcribing what I've only got handwritten. Not too much creating from scratch today, save some added material to The Strange Life of William H. June.

Today was also my day for a fun moment of panic. Here's how it went:
Transcribing, transcribing, editing, copy/pasting, writing, transcribing... Ok, now what else was I putting in the thesis? Oh yeah, the tattoo story. Gotta type that up. Let's see, it ought to be in the little binder. Ok, it's not in the little black binder, then it must be in the black "Thesis" binder. Uh... not there. *Insert panic* This is bad. Where is it?! Looking through both binders at least twice more, just to make sure. More panic. Glancing at the top of the desk where I have a blue binder sitting next to where the little black binder was. Wait, what was I keeping in that? Looking through, it's got fountain pen handwritten pages. Oh yeah, I moved stuff into this one to make room.

Thus is revealed a potential hazard with getting organized: forgetting what your system was. Whups. Now I'll have to make sure to move the tattoo into the thesis binder so as to avoid future confusion.

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Jenny said...

I have also come across a similar moment of panic. It is not only a hazard of reorganizing (which I also just did) but it's also a hazard of handwriting stuff first. For a little while there's only one copy. Writers living dangerously.

Okay, so it's not the same as parachuting...but it has the same effect: "Augh! My whole life is gone! What the hell was I thinking!" That kinda stuff.