Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Writing Retreat

Today begins my road trip up to the northern part of the state. I've got a cabin reserved and a few whole days of nothing in particular to do. Well, except write, that is. The plan is to make this something of an expanded version of my out-of-the-house pages.

Of course, as soon as certain people became aware of this, they became demanding about it: "You're going to write lots of pages for us, right?"
-Various Pirates

So, now I'm committed.

I've packed extra fancy paper and picked up a new fountain pen yesterday. I've also got a couple of half-finished stories and my thesis binder to keep me company. The final touch: a copy of Rogue's Gallery to keep me in touch with my pirate roots while I'm away.


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The One and Only John said...

I hope it's somewhere scenic, because being couped up in a cabin, writing all day can occasionally become a tad smothering. Hiking breaks are a good thing.