Saturday, April 26, 2008

Anthology CDs

Sometime this coming week, I'm expecting new music in the mail. New music compiled not by a company, but by a person. In the spirit of reciprocity, I decided I would make a CD or two of my own to send.

It took no time at all to decide which bands I'd be featuring (GBS and TOFOG, of course) but then I had to pause. In theory, a mixed CD is not just throwing stuff on at random, but actually organized with some thought as to how one song from one album fits in with another song on another album, which should come first, and so forth. Like I said, I had to pause. It's been a while since I've made any kind of mixed CD, thanks to my burner being on the fritz.

Then I remembered that organizing a mixed CD was the same thing as organizing the Hungry Eye. Duh. Identical process, just a different media. You've got the same considerations for both, the only difference is that font is less important with a CD.

Now I've got a couple made and am working on another for my Scottish Lit. professor. I've been writing about songs the whole semester, it seems fitting to offer a soundtrack to my papers. Then, of course, I ought to make a couple new mixes for listening to in my car, and I should make a big compiled CD of The Church for my car, and...


Mishell said...

You're way over-thinking mixed cds. Just remember not to have too many slow songs in a row. (I guess it's the curse of being an English grad student--the over-thinking, not the mixed cds.)

Ali said...

Yeah, over-thinking. I do that :)