Friday, April 25, 2008

Almost There...

This morning was my last composition "class." We meet one more time during finals week for, in theory, the class final. In reality, it'll be for them to hand in their final portfolios and do a class evaluation. After so long of being in the mindset of "next week in class, we'll cover..." it's weird to think that there is no next week.

I'm already slotted for my two classes in the fall. I didn't realize this until I was walking on campus and ran into a freshman advisor I know.
Him: Hey, I'm putting a lot of students in your 8:00 class.
Me: I have an 8:00 class?
I checked online and sure enough, it was so. I have two back-to-back classes, the first at eight in the morning, the second at nine.

I am not thrilled. While certain people I know are more than happy to be awake at the ungodly hour of seven in the morning (or, in some cases, four thirty) I am not one of them. *Sigh* I'll get over it and adjust, I suppose. And then, as everyone has been pointing out, an early start means an early finish. That could be nice.

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