Saturday, October 6, 2007


"Which is the greatest compliment for your writing?"
-Jenny, for her poll

I said Oprah, but the truth is I'd be most impressed with a fan convention. When a big bunch of people are geeky and excited enough about my work to assemble all together wearing homemade costumes to try and look like my charcters, that's when I'll know I've made it. Being a writer, that's a pretty unlikely dream, but there's always the potential of a movie deal. Even better, the potential that a programming developer from some cable network will pick up something of mine and make a show of it. Something like Dexter, for instance. The real success will be having said show run for multiple seasons.

The greatest compliment? People so excited about my work that they're not afraid of being branded as geeks. Say what you will about the Pulitzer, but there's no risk in being a fan of a Pulizter prize book, who's going to argue that it's not worth your time? Wear your brown coat out in public, though, and you might get a look or two. That's real love.


Jenny said...

Ahh, I knew I was forgetting a good compliment somewhere...

And I really dig the 'fan as geek' idea. The riskiness of it all. That would be pretty friggin cool. (I really have to stop writing friggin, that seems to be my word of the week.)

Shane said...

So, all you really want is people to dress up like your characters and talk like them too. Sounds good.

I can just see Ali's fan convention: the girls all paint themselves red (a la Kelda) and the guys dress like Arnelle so they can hit on the girls. Oh, and of course a bunch of Baylor followers covered in wounds and puss. Now that's a convention.

Ali said...