Sunday, October 21, 2007

Roving Around Downtown

"There once was a man from Peru
whose limericks stopped at line two."

The Writing Marathon was yesterday and, though there was a small turn out from the public at large, there was a good turn out from the group and Mishell. Technically, the guidelines for the WM specify groups of about five people, but we broke that rule and all eight of us wandered around, hitting a coffeeshop, the river walk, and a salooon before meeting up w/the rest of the marathoners for pizza and sharing.

I managed to get almost done with my La Llarona rough, and Jenny even helped. At the saloon we decided to switch notebooks so she added to what I'd written and vice versa. It was fun, and like the round story, challenging and liberating at the same time. I tried to continue on with Jenny's tone, and managed to come up with a brilliant ending. Well, I like it any way. Jenny didn't finish mine off, but she gave me some neat description and added a darker tone than I had planned, but which I'm keeping. Ergo: productive to the story on two levels.

Then, after the marathon was officially over, we already had a rhythm going so we continued in the same spirit and went to another coffee shop for a while, then to my bar. A long day, but full of socializing with good people and making progress on the story (and thereby the thesis).

Jenny has decreed that everyone needs to post some of what they wrote yesterday on their blogs, so my next post will be dedicated to a WM excerpt.


Jenny said...

Wow, that's cool that I can 'decree' things. Usually I just call it 'bossing around.'

I'm also very flattered that you kept the stuff I wrote in. I was sure that was going somewhere round and lined with plastic paper...though, adding challenges like letting someone take over for a sec are good. I know the round story helped me cut loose a little bit.

Whittaker Luckless said...

We didn't break the rules. We were in two groups. It wasn't my group's fault your group was stalking us. Sheeshers.

Mishell said...

Yeah! What Whittaker said.

Mishell said...

Wait a minute. Was I in your group or Whittaker's group. Or was I in my own group that stalked you both? Oh bother.