Monday, October 8, 2007


Now that I've got internet at home, it's strange to spend an entire day off-line, but that's exactly what I did yesterday. Kind of nice, in fact. Well, still babysitting, so here's a quickie.

What with all the commenting around on blogs and having to type in the little nonsense letters to verify I'm not a computer program, it strikes me that these measures are inadvertently helpful to writers, especially genre writers. While often the nonsense is just that, on occasion there's some smidgen of sense to them, almost like a word from a mythical land.

Think about it, what does "htbaku" mean to you? Run with it. Maybe keep a notepad handy the next time you're leaving comments.


Jenny said...

It's also good for your typing skills....

Whittaker Luckless said...

Whenever the nonsense letters are interesting I put them at the bottoms of my comments, so I can go find them later. I haven't had any recently. Mostly they seem to be on Jenny's blog--the interesting random letters.