Friday, October 5, 2007

Round One

"Anybody have a 'yes' for that one? Okay, 'no' it is."

Today was another Hungry Eye meeting and the first round of narrowing down submissions. Now we've got a pile about half the size of the one we started with and a couple of pieces that got a unanimous "yes" and are in the little pile of accepted subs. Now it's time to go through the remainder and firm up what I think of the pieces so next time we can all do a bit more narrowing down. I just hope everyone gets on the ball and gets through the "maybe" pile again as well before the next meeting. Considering that some never got through the initial pile to begin with, I'm a bit doubtful.

On the up side, since I'm in a position of power, I get to decide how much say the slackers have (or don't). Of course, since it's a smaller stack now, maybe these folks will be able to get it in gear and do some reading.

It was interesting to see how the opinions of the people at the meeting did or did not mesh. There were a lot of pieces that had a consensus, and a smattering where I disagreed with it. In a couple cases I hung on to a piece no one else was excited about, which made me feel a bit strange because I could do it. Next comes the part where we start getting into the gritty and working out the pieces where there isn't a consensus. That's when it'll really get interesting.


Jenny said...

Ah, but to have that veto power. It's a great feeling, yes it is.

Do the grad students submit as well? Or is it just the undergrads?

Ali said...

More undergrads than grads, but some of both.