Friday, August 24, 2007

Teh Internets: A Blond Moment

It's quiet on the blogs. Too quiet. I guess I had better post. Maybe get a trend going.

But, what to post about? There has been an interesting thread on the CSFWG yahoo group about how easy/difficult it is for a straight guy to write a lesbian love scene, as one of the members is contemplating doing just that, but I've decided to duck out of that whole conversation early. Because, seriously, there's just nothing I can say at this point. In case you're wondering: the consensus amongst the guys who've spoken up is that they're in favor of it. The women are more cautious. Could that mean something?

How about I post about my nifty new internet connection at home? Yeah. Except, there was a hitch. Sometimes I have a hard time with transposing stuff like dates and times. So, a few days back when I thought I had an appointment for the installer to come today, I actually had one for next Friday. This explains why no one came between ten and noon. Whups.

A quick call to Comcast and a forehead smack later, and I moved the appointment up to Wednesday. This time I wrote down the time, the day, and the date. On the downside, this means I miss my goal of being hooked up this week. On the upside, I'll still be online before Katherine's class starts - she's fond of having an online component in her class requirements.

In other goal-related news, I started the chicken heart story a few days ago and made pretty good headway into it. Got the "what's the story about?" question answered, always important, and I'm now up to the middle-ish part where the story takes a turn. Just gotta finish it off before the meeting Sunday, and I'll hit three out of four goals for the past two weeks. I can live with that.

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