Monday, August 20, 2007

Of Albatrosses

"Outside, the albatross perched on the fence and looked toward the sea. It cocked its head as if it saw something in the distance, then gave up and began to preen. As it did, the albatross began to crumple in on itself, like a scrap of used paper, and its feathers faded to the color of bone."
-Albatross, Word Count:4,552

My aim was to finish the story in time to send it to Camii with the letter I put in the mail Saturday afternoon before the party. While that didn't happen, I'm still feeling okay on the sending it to Camii goal because I just sent her an electronic version (which I finished yesterday, which was in keeping with my other goal) and so the story I finished after I sent the letter will actually reach her before it. I'm calling it a win.

I also finished reading through Scar and marking it up a bit. I think that's the one that'll be my submission this month. As Jenny said, "What kind of critique do you want? Do you want one about how great you are, or do you want to fix a story?" Okay, those aren't her exact words, and she said it a just a bit nicer. That's the jist though, and I think I'd rather have some help right now instead of worship (not to knock adoring fans, of which I'll always take more - not to mention, the first).

I'm pretty pleased with the week. I hit the two goals I wanted to, even with a party to prepare for. Now I just have to do my other two goals, and I'm in good shape for the writers group this weekend. Thank goodness I already did critiques.

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