Wednesday, November 4, 2009

WPW: Alice

**Hi all, welcome to another Writing Prompt Wednesday. Won't you play along? The guidelines are simple, and I'd love to read what you come up with.**

He calls her Alice
because he likes the sound of the name slipping through his lips
shimmery and smooth like a fish.
He whispers the name to himself
saying, "Alice" so soft that he's the only one who hears it.
The name is like a present he gives himself and he says it slowly,
letting the sounds of the letters go out and out like kite string.
He calls her Alice
even though Alice is not her name.


Debbie said...

Very nice.

And I love it when the prompt is from a blog I've already read. Makes me feel all insidery and stuff.

Jenny said...

Yay poetry!

Ali said...

Deb: That whole insidery effect is fun.

Jenny: Yay! Now go write some of your own ;)