Monday, April 6, 2009

Two-fer, or We All Need Our Demons

Amanda's been giving me a hard time lately. See, her husband has been relocated to Arkansas for his job, which means she's moving in June. This also means that she needs to have her thesis done and defended by then. Since she just started working on her thesis in January, this puts her on a tight schedule.

The hard time comes in with the part where she's having to whiz through her thesis and I stalled out on mine.

Amanda: What progress have you made with your thesis this week?
Me: Um... er...
Amanda: (gives me a look that says she's totally unimpressed) Ali, you need to work on your thesis. I have to get mine finished by May so I can defend it in time. May! How long have you been working on yours?
Me: Uh, a while.
Amanda: If I have to haul butt on my thesis, by God, you're going to work on yours.
Me: I am, really, I am.
Then Amanda crosses her arms in front of her and scowls at me.

This is a conversation we've had a few times. Most recently, being today. Yesterday I cleared off my kitchen table, making it just right for holding my thesis and critiqued copies of my thesis to work from. Today I sat down at said table and revised two thesis stories.

So there, Amanda :p


Debbie said...

It's lovely when the demon gets a demon. Tell Amanda I owe her a snickerdoodle.

Anonymous said...

However, instead of actually working on your thesis you called me on my cell phone while I was driving home, wrote this blog, emailed me so I would read the blog, and further procrastinated in unforseen ways. Bad ali-demon.

Ali said...

All I've gotta say, Amanda, is :P

I didn't call you until after I'd finished the first story.