Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Bar Pages, Post-CWC

One of the fun things about having the laptop is being able to do OOTH pages I don't have to transcribe later. It does wonders for getting pages pounded out. And then I can do a blog post at the same time :)

Last night, the gang talked about the first 50 pages of Cass. They had some good comments about things that need to be fixed, as usual, but the best part was that they're into it. I was concerned that I was going to hand over this thing that I'd been goofing off with, entertaining myself with, and they'd say I should go ahead and keep it to myself. But, it was a good reminder that a lot of the time, there are reasons why we like the stories that are our favorites to tell.

I can sum it up with a cool thing Deb said, "I can tell you had fun writing it, because I had fun reading it."

Now I'm sitting at the bar, drinking a green cocktail, and playing a bit with a scene that needed to be expanded. It's a scene that takes place in a bar which I loosely modeled after the one I'm sitting in, so it all seems very fitting.

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Debbie said...

It's true. And I have found that the pages I enjoy writing--that seem to write themselves--are the ones you guys like best. That doesn't mean that revisions aren't needed, just that the kernel is there.

Green drink? Grasshopper?