Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Shutting It Down

It's kind of funny to me that my main goal for April, a spring month chock full of fresh starts and new beginnings, is to wrap things up.

The classes I'm teaching are going to be over by the 1st week of May, so I'm wrapping that up. More importantly, I'm going to be kicking my own butt about my thesis. My progress on the thesis has been quite unremarkable of late, and that makes me irked with myself. So, I need to get all of this set of revisions done and my preface drafted by the end of the month.


For you, I'd challenge you to do the same. What's that project you've been dragging your feet on? Now's the perfect time to make a push and wrap it up. Then it's on to new, exciting things, right?


Jenny said...

I'm pushing the end of the Round Story!

Debbie said...

Well, you know my answer.