Monday, April 27, 2009

CWC Ambush

This month has been busy, and this past week or so busiest of all. Between revving up for finals week, socializing, pounding out an introduction for my thesis, and miscellaneous other things, it was yesterday before I really realized that the CWC meeting is tonight. Yeesh.

I'm kind of hesitant about the meeting, which is unusual for me. I think it's because I'm trying something totally new and I'm not sure exactly how the gang are going to respond. Though, from a couple comments at dinner last night, I'm a little reassured that at least Jenny & Deb don't hate it.

Jenny is pretty happy because now she has a concrete reason for me to finally read Harry Potter - research for Cass. It's funny, in all my thinking of and looking for similar books, I never once thought about Harry, but once she mentioned it, yeah, I see the overlap. Dang it.

And, along with having Jenny & I on the chopping block, we're going to have some official CWC business to sort out tonight as well. Fleur is currently too busy working on a big (and paying) project and working on her novel with an agent, so she has had to go on hiatus. We'll miss her, but it's the best possible reason for someone to have to pull out of the group. Yay Fleur! On the logistical end, Fleur's leaving means reshuffling the submission schedule and possibly adding a new member. It's bound to be an especially interesting meeting tonight.

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