Sunday, February 1, 2009

New Car Smell

I accomplished my main goal this month of putting all the odds and ends of Cass stuff together. I'm currently sitting at 75 pages (20,000 words) all compiled in a logical fashion. I feel like I've been productive. It helps, too, when I know I need to work on thesis stuff because then I make even more progress on Cass.

I'm slowly making progress on my thesis intro, too. Though, that progress slowed after the last CWC meeting when I got feedback that made me decide to change the direction of the thesis a bit. So, gotta go back through and change some things in the fiction before I can finish up the exposition.

Two new projects, one new vision, and that's plenty to have started in a month, I think. Especially a month where I also started teaching three new classes with a new book, a whole new prep (Eng. 099) and a new class schedule (Tues/Thurs). Lots of new in the new year so far, and I'm only just getting started.