Saturday, January 31, 2009

Tom Romano Day

Yesterday Tom Romano came to campus. It was the single-biggest event SCWP has ever done and Amanda and I were on the front lines. 219 teachers showed up and had to be organized, fed, and registered.

Usually, I wake up at about seven-thirty. Yesterday I was not only awake, but on campus, by seven o'clock. Then it was one thing or another to be done, or fixed, for the next nine-and-a-half hours. In some respects, the whole thing reminded me a lot of a busy night at the bar - being on my feet, running about, and dealing with a variety of stressed out people.

In the end, it all ran pretty smoothly. More smoothly than I thought it would, in fact. We had our glitches, sure - like flipping two presenters from their original rooms to each other's after they'd done their first presentations but before they did their second. But, we had enough food, everyone got to where they needed to be, and the students who volunteered to help were very, well, helpful. I'm just glad today is Saturday, because I definitely needed a bit of sleeping in.

Who's Tom Romano? He's the multi-genre dude and Katherine's hero. I even got to chat with him for a couple minutes. He's pretty neat and very personable. I was impressed by him. If you want to know more, just google him. He's written some books and is easy to find.

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