Thursday, January 29, 2009


After my last, bummed-out post, I got some encouraging notes from my peeps. It's good to have peeps :)

In other news, I talked with Juan today about the new vision for my thesis. He had to think about it, but he's seeing the vision. It's good.

(I've been going flat-out this afternoon, getting things ready for Tom Romano's visit to campus tomorrow. Lots of busy, plenty of stress. I only have simple sentences left in me tonight.)


Jenny said...

So what is your new vision? What'd you decide to do?

And, um, who is Tom Romano? Am I about to be blasted for being uncultured and unaware?

Debbie said...

Glad you said it first, Jenny. I was going to Google him before I responded.

Of course, I'm the Philistine who didn't like The Inferno, so there may be no hope left for me. ;-)

Good on Ali for convincing Juan!