Saturday, February 21, 2009


I saw not one, but two authors yesterday.

At two o'clock I went to a poetry reading by David Keplinger and then was off right after to make my way to Christopher Moore.

The poetry reading was good, and I got to say "Hi" to David, though it was a brief "Hi."

Then, after a few car pool-related stops, Jenny, Shane, John, Oliver and I arrived in Boulder. I bought a copy of A Dirty Job which Moore signed. I also got a copy of his new book, Fool for Deb, which caused some confusion. For the signings, the bookstore staff passed out sticky notes for us to write the personalized messages we wanted Moore to write. By pure chance, when it was my turn, Moore got the "To Deb" first.

Moore: Hi Deb.
Me: Oh, I'm not Deb.
Moore: Huh? (He looked very confused, probably because he also looked very tired)
Me: That book's for a friend. The other one's mine.
Moore: Oh, right.

No writing/revising got done, but I'm giving myself a pass because I saw two authors and drove to Boulder and back all in one day.


Jenny said...

I'll sign your pass.

Debbie said...

Thanks, Ali. After forgetting to give you money on Monday, I figured I was SOL. I'll bring cash today.