Saturday, February 14, 2009

Catch Up + Weekend

No writing Friday. Finished student conferences, though. And, most importantly, watched the first episode of Dollhouse. I am so thrilled that Joss is back on TV. Words cannot describe it. I'm just curious to see how he's going to make this particular premise work.

11:30ish-12:00ish (Didn't look at the clock)
Got two and a half pages of a new short story started. Playing around with a different narrative style.

Worked on thesis revisions at the coffee shop while listening to pirate music/sea shanties on my MP3 player. I worked off of a hard copy and made lots of notes, crossed things out, and wrote a few new passages by hand. I started with "Albatross" which was probably the story in need of the most revision and got all the way through it. Each time I go through it, I cut more and the story gets shorter. It's funny that way. Then, I moved on to a couple of others. All-in-all, I have mostly completed revision notes for two whole stories (have to look up something for "An Ocean Kind of Blue," but it's done otherwise) and a couple of notes on "The Messenger."

The other stories will be quicker on revision, I think, since there's generally less to do - except on "When Bridgette Went Into the Water" which is my other revision biggie.

Also today, I stopped reading Being Written because I got tired of the book being too self-obsessed "Look, look! I'm metafiction!" Then I started reading How Fiction Works by James Wood, or at least skimming it. It's not bad, and parts of it will come in handy for my thesis preface.

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