Monday, July 2, 2007

Tough Times at the Writing Marathon

"The building was made of gray bricks, with art deco moldings and stained glass windows. It used to be a hotel, but now it's a home for the elderly..."
-WM guy in my group

The writing marathon on Thursday turned out a bit disappointing. It didn't help that, while I did nab the two people I most wanted to be in a group with - Shawn and Rebecca - we also got stuck with two extra people who caused me great frustration. One was Guy who was trying to hit on me, the other was Guy who kept sharing what he wrote and kept writing about the stuff around us. Now, part of the idea of an WM is to get inspired by your surroundings, but technical descriptions of buildings that go on for two pages is not quite what a WM is going for. Ugh.

Also not helping was my inability to write something I was happy with. I managed one short-short story that I can make something out of, but otherwise, got squat. I'm not big on making excuses about writing, but dang it, I just couldn't make it happen that day.

On the up side, even though I had such a hard time, it did put me in the mood to write - I have no idea how, but it did. So, thanks to that, and the bonus drink voucher left over from the read-around at the coffee shop, I plan to spend a little quality time at Cafe Zajj in the next few days with my notebook and something frothy.

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