Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Round Story Troubles


Writers group is this Sunday and I have no idea what to write for my addition to the Round story. I mean no clue at all. *Sigh*

I know I have to get a chapter done (point C), but my lack of ideas (point A) leaves me without the faintest idea of how to get started (point B). I have to admit, I'm having a few mean thoughts about those who've already done their additions - they're done with it and safe until the next go 'round, the bastards.


-John said...

Think about the title. You said it yourself, Oscar Wilde. Mr. Luckless introduced characters that haven't been terribly prominent. Raymond Chandler once said, "When in doubt, have two guys with guns come through the door."

Remember, free your mind, there is no spoon, and for goodness sake, have fun with it.

Jenny said...

Augh! Though it pains me, Ali, that I have nothing to add...Let me just say that you should listen to John. He always beats me to the punch and I am left stealing his good advice...He's a punk.

Ali said...

A punk, eh? Lol. Don't worry, his time will come, in a few days, in fact. Then, I think it'll be down to you, my lovely. :)

No spoon, no spooon... hrm... maybe there's some way to tie The Matrix into my addition.

-John said...

Mwahahaha, the All-Thinking Over-Thinker strikes again. No one can stop this crazy train...except my boss...uh oh, break's over.

Ali said...

Somehow, my day just isn't quite complete without a little maniacal laughter. Thanks John.

Whittaker Luckless said...

Oh bugger. I could have said all kinds of useful things on this, and now I've run out of time. Le sheesh.

Note to all ya'll--those who do read this who participateth in the round story--: I'm willing to tell you exactly what I think you should do for your part in the round story if you find yourself blanking on ideas.