Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Rogue Writers Group

"It's all about me."
-Deb, last night at the coffee shop

There's the CSFWG and there's the rogue group, made up of people who've come through (or are still in) the CSFWG. The meetings happen twice a month and are much more informal. Usually, thanks to either class or work, I can't go. Last night was an exception, and quite fun.

Deb's book, MMG, was the topic of a lot of discussion - what's working, what could work better, etc. The neat thing was the way that everyone was saying the same things, like "There are so many characters, I'm losing track of who's who," and "The way you introduced the character S-- was brilliant!"

It's crazy. You take a group of people of different ages, professions, and from different backgrounds and have them all read the same book, and they all come to about the same conclusions. Weird stuff, I'm tellin' ya.

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Debbie said...

I loved that everyone was saying pretty much the same thing, too. And that it meshed with what I was already thinking.

This is quite different from my experiences with non-Sunday-group-CSFWG. There arguments broke out regularly about the submissions. People threw pens (which was kind of funny). It may have been because of the people being at different stages in their journey as writers.

Now input from all kinds of people is great, but when you have such a wide range of feedback, it makes it quite hard for the author to decide what to do.

I appreciated CSFWG--especially the Sunday group--for helping me grow as a writer. I love The Group for giving me so much to aspire to and for the encouragement and advice to get there.