Monday, July 16, 2007

Blue Frustration

"...she closed her right hand tight. The blue line of her scar curled into a half moon."
-from the untitled story

I'm having a hard time with this one. I like the jist of the idea, especially the mechanics of how removing a memory works. I just can't help but feel that there's a loose edge somewhere, and I can't quite see it to fix the damn thing. Not helping my problem is that I can't get a title for it. I know when a story is done because I kind of hear a "click" in my head. It's the sound of everything belonging (more or less) right where it is. This story hasn't made that sound yet, and I'm getting frustrated because I don't know what to fix.

Granted, this is the beauty of a critique group because these kinds of problems tend to be completely obvious to anyone who isn't the author. I'm sure that I'll fight with it over the next few days, trying to get it fixed up for the writers group, then they'll all read it and say, "Look, here's your problem" and then I'll smack my forehead and say "Doh" 'cause it'll be blaringly obvious. *Sigh* Doesn't mean I'm going to stop torturing myself about it, though.

Today, in keeping with my recent trend of writing outside the house, I'm headed somewhere after I'm done on campus to do some revising. I think I'll end up at a fast food place, since no one there cares how long you stay. Then again, maybe The Daily Grind would be better - a coffee shop w/a very artistic feel, thanks to the local art on the walls. Dang it, I think I'm going to have to take up drinking coffee since I'm starting to like the coffee shops so much.

As an homage to Deb, I think I'll start including some goals on this blog. To start off, my goal for today is to read & do some marking up on three stories I've printed out: the unnamed one, An Ocean Kind of Blue, and one called And He Knows Me which is a few years old.

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