Monday, February 15, 2010

Week 3 Plan

This week's to-do's:
1: Grade one class's worth of final drafts
2: Make handout for Eng. 102's project 2
3: Taking photos of earrings
4: Take car to the shop
5: Grade second class's worth of final drafts
6: Grade third class's worth of final drafts
7: Submit one story for publication
Bonus: Cookies!


Jenny said...

Dammit! You reminded me that I have to take my car in too.

Fleur Bradley said...

I've tagged you, in case you want to play:

Ali said...

Lol, Jenny. I think our cars really are twins separated at birth. On that note, you might want to have them check your serpentine belt ;)

Fleur - very fun, I'll have to do that this week.