Thursday, February 11, 2010

Ancient Hairs, How Exciting!

I just stumbled on this nifty science article that talks about DNA testing on a sample of hair that's thousands of years old. Ok, I know it brands me as a nerd to be all excited enough about this article to pass it on, but, well, I've never claimed not to be a nerd, have I?

Mostly, I thought I'd pass it on to you folks because it offers fun imaginative possibilities. We're learning more and more about those who came before us, and an article like this practically begs for a story behind the man. If you close your eyes and imagine what this man's life might have been, what comes to mind?


Marie D-W said...

Yeah, I saw the article. I think it's fascinating. Nerdom is what I'm all about.

Jenny said...

Yeah, I'm pretty nerd-excited too.

Teenage ranter. said...

I was very excited about it aswell :)