Sunday, February 7, 2010

On To Week 2

My first week of having daily goals went okay. I was kind of spotty on hitting all the goals, but it was nice to have something to try for each day. Overall, I got some things done I wouldn't have otherwise.

For the second week of the experiment, here's what I'm aiming for.
Monday: Pirates' meeting
Tuesday: Finish grading 102 rough drafts
Wednesday: Finalize plan for 102's second major paper
Thursday: Make a pair of earrings
Friday: Goof off
Saturday: Library run to swap out reading materials
Sunday: Submit story for publication
Floating Goal: Bake a batch of cookies


Debbie said...

102 is the class number, right? You don't have to grade 102 rough drafts. Right?

I think cookies should be your floating goal all the time. And making jewelry. Especially if you're sharing.

Ali said...

Oh, yeah, 102 is the class, not the # of papers. Thank goodness for that.

Sharing the cookies, or the jewelry? Lol.