Sunday, October 18, 2009

Suspension of Disbelief

On Deb's recommendation, I checked out the first few episodes of Glee Club. It's fun, and musical, and often snarky. Hard to lose. Out of curiosity, I hit IMDB and looked up a couple of the actors. Unsurprisingly, all the actors portraying high schoolers are older than the majority of my college students. A bigger surprise - a large number of them are older than me. The captain of the football team is about ten years too old for the part. Hilarious.


Fleur Bradley said...

You're just a spring chicken, Ali :-)

I remember (too many years ago) when I watched Beverly Hills 90210, some of the actors were in their thirties, receding hairlines and all.

Never got that. Why not cast younger actors?

Debbie said...

That's why I get so upset over people talking about how the "Potter" kids are all too old. They're at most, what, 2 years older than the characters. But 90210 and Happy Days could use 30-somethings and nobody said a word.

Glad you're liking Glee, Ali, even with the old timers in the roles. ;-) Plus Mr. Shu is a bit of all right.