Monday, March 2, 2009


My February challenge went all right until the last week when my revising time skipped the week all together and piled up on the weekend. Though, I did manage at least 100 minutes per week, and by the end I did twice the amount of time I was aiming for.

March is a bit of a grab bag with enough different things going on in different parts of my life (major papers are due soon in all three of my classes, I need to keep making progress on my thesis, I'm due for a CWC submission which means reviewing and preparing the first part of the Cass book, and I really ought to take down my Christmas decorations, etc, etc) that I can't think of a good specific thing to focus on.

Thus, I've decided to have a more generalized challenge for myself this month. For this month, it will be my aim to do something productive every day after I get home and to work on structuring my time more effectively. I've got this To Do list that's never actually gotten done and with this sudden beautiful weather, now feels like the perfect time to cross some things off.


Debbie said...

I hope to be able to post a general "Get stuff off to-do list" goal in the next couple months. Always feels good.

Fleur Bradley said...

I need one of those lists. It'll have to wait until summer right now.
But nothing feels better than getting something done that's been staring you in the face a while. Whether it's writing-related, or just fixing something around the house. Enjoy, Ali.