Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Double Joy

I've officially hit the 100 page mark on Cass, which is exciting. It feels like it's more impressive to have 100 pages of something than 98. I think it's the fact that we as a culture like numbers that fall into sets, and 100 is a good batch-type number.

Also adding to my fun is my technology adventure yesterday where I managed to buy the last of a discontinued model of laptop that was exactly what I was looking for. It's nothing fancy. As far as laptops go, this one has just about as few bells and whistles as you can find, but it was in my price range and now I get to streamline my out of the house pages. Coffee shop, here I come.


Debbie said...

Double congrats! Those double 0 pages do feel good. And I think you're going to love the freedom of your laptop. You'll probably still do some hand scribbling--I think we all do when the mood strikes--but it will be nice to have the option to not have to transcribe.

Ali said...

Yes, I'm certainly feeling the laptop love :)