Thursday, March 26, 2009

Early Submission

I'm currently printing out my first submission of Crossroads Promise for the CWC on Monday. My laptop is proving itself just as useful as I hoped it would be. I took it for its first major field test yesterday and did some OOTH pages. Not much to show by way of pure page count, but I re-read and revised as much of it as I'm currently printing. 49 pages for the sub., which puts me at one page under the 50 minimum, but it's also the end of a chapter and the next one isn't quite ready. I think the CWC will forgive me on this one.

I'm excited about this 1st sub. I know that despite my best efforts, the gang will find problems in it, but it feels like it's where it needs to be for right now. And, like I said, it's ready early.


Jenny said...

10 points ready for being early
--I think we will perhaps forgive you for being short a single page...even with cheating though? Margin adjustments?

Debbie said...

I could maybe forgive you for cookies. ;-)

Ali said...

Jenny - For some reason, the thought of cheating never occurred to me. I totally should have changed the font to courier :)

Deb - Shame on you, trying to blackmail me like that. Tsk, tsk.