Monday, September 29, 2008

The Last Push

We're closing in on the contest deadline, and I can feel the stitch in my side. Just a couple more hours and then we're across the finish line.

In the mean time, I'm busy getting prepped for the CWC meeting tonight. While they're getting most of the fruits of the past two weeks, I'm leaving a bit out due to its roughness and the need to work on it more before it sees the light of day.

As I've been furiously typing out the second part of my thesis, I've made a significant change to my organizational strategy. It makes more sense to me than my first idea, and I'm hoping it makes more sense to other people, too. I'll also be curious to get people's thoughts on how the whole thing fits together, and how well the second part holds true to the themes of the first (though "1st & 2nd parts" is arbitrary since they're being blended together and inter-cut).

Now I've got one of the biggest hurdles of the thesis jumped - the draft of the fiction. Now I get to celebrate by sleeping in tomorrow and having chocolate. Mmm... chocolate.

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