Monday, September 22, 2008

John Pulls Ahead, For Now

I just got an e-mail from Deb about our going to see Neil. Yay! Neil!

She added a P.S.
"It looks like John's kicking your butt. Step it up, girl!"

If you've noticed, John just powered through about 5,000 words this weekend, putting him at about 10,000 overall and well beyond my 5,267 noted at the time of this posting. Deb is concerned.

I reassured her. He's got a good lead, 5,000 words in one weekend is nothing to sneeze at. So, props to John for that. However, I'm not quaking in my boots just yet. See, while John was typing like a madman this weekend, I was grading Composition papers. That made it impossible to add to the thesis at the same time. I expected that he'd get a lead on me, though I admit to be impressed at just how much of a lead he managed.

I've got a plan, though. I'm going to be closing that distance real quick.


Debbie said...

Not that I'm taking sides, though! It should just be a nice, close race, doncha think?

Ali said...

It's okay, you can be on my side, I don't mind ;) Though, I'm sure if it had been the other way 'round you'd have sent the same message to John. You traitor.

Close race? You betcha. It's more interesting that way.

The One and Only John said...

For the record, I powered through 6,732 words this weekend.

By the way, Deb, thanks for the email you sent me on Friday, it really raised my spirits and it was integral to me getting that much work done.

Debbie said...

You're welcome. I knew you'd like the weight lifting analogy.