Monday, June 25, 2007

Writers Groups

"Good writers travel in packs."
-Dan Lazar

Being part of a writers group is one of the best things I do for my writing. Thanks to workshops at school and the CSFWG, my writing has improved beyond where it could ever have gotten with me on my own.

Beyond the technical advantages, though, is the advantage of having cheerleaders and friends. I thought about skipping the writers group meeting yesterday, thanks to the break-up, but figured it'd be far better for me to go than it would be for me to sit home alone all day. Turns out, I was right. By the time I left Springs to come home, not only had my funk lifted, I was actually in a good mood.

The writers I know are good people, and funny. Hanging around with them for a number of hours while everyone else at Red Robin slowly trickled out and all of our butts started to get sore was just what I needed.

Advice for anyone thinking about joining a writers group or taking a workshop: do it. A number of my favorite people, like Deb and Jenny, are people I've met doing just that.

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