Tuesday, June 5, 2007

I am Simon

"If you go deep enough inside yourself, you'll meet everyone else." - David quoting a poet whose name I can't remember, then adding, "Besides, there isn't enough time to go out and meet everyone."

There is a school of thought in writing that the more you share of yourself, the more personal you get (to a certain extent) the more other people will be able to connect with what you're writing. It's the reason a poem that has lines like:

"My fears overwhelm me" doesn't resonate the way a poem with lines like:
"I always keep the bathroom light on
I am still afraid of the dark" will.

Not that those are astonishingly good, grant you. The key is to write specific, don't worry that just because not everyone is scared of clowns, if you write a poem about being scared of clowns people won't relate. It's far worse to write a poem about "my fears" any day.

This school of thought is why I was so entertained by being Simon, and Simon being me. During the camping trip this past weekend, we all spent a good amount of time in a tent playing hearts, thanks to the rain and hail going on outside. After a while, I wanted to take a break, so Simon stepped in for me, thus becoming me. A while later, Mishell took over. Ergo, here is a picture of me:

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