Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Riches

I was browsing through Hulu, looking for a new TV show to watch and, quite by accident, I stumbled on The Riches. I'm just starting in on it, but it holds much promise. After all, anything with Eddie in it can't be all bad.

So far it's got plenty of dark, plenty of grit, and even a bit of poetry thrown in. Beautiful. Makes me wonder how much ad libbing Izzard does?

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The One and Only John said...

Funny you mention this, because I was talking with Eddie the other day. We weren't talking about this subject, because I was pointing out the flaw in his routine about pronouncing the "H" in "Herbs". I wanted to know how British people pronounce the word "Honor" since they pronounce "Herbs" in the way that they do. He only reply was, "What time is it, who the fuck are you, and why are you in my hotel room wearing that ridiculous mask?"

I didn't much feel like talking to him after that. So I left.