Saturday, July 5, 2008

Your Style Type

Since I've been in a narrative rut, I think this month is the month to do a style change up.

Let me make this short and sweet: Whatever style of writing you've been doing lately, this month is the one to try something new. Are your sentences usually short and to the point? Make 'em long and eloquent. Do you usually skim over description in favor of action? Reverse that. Wherever your emphasis has been lately, shift if.

Bonus points: A great way to play with style is imitation. Pull out a writer you admire whose style is very different from your own. Take some time to study their style - how do they structure sentences? deliver dialogue? etc - and then spend some time writing like that.

One thing to try is, once you've decided on your practice style, take something you've already written and rewrite it in the new style. Then, maybe rewrite it again in yet a different style. Keep playing. Take some time to think about how the story/scene changes just because of the way you write it.


The One and Only John said...

I tried that more or less with my sword and sorcery story that I submitted for the group this month. I feel more comfortable writing in first person, and I wrote it in third person narrative. I ended up being more critical of each sentence as it came out more than I had before.

Ali said...

Did you do more than POV and plot? Because while those are parts of storytelling, I wouldn't say those are purely stylistic.

Did you also find yourself tweaking sentence structure, etc?