Thursday, June 12, 2008

I Owe My Dog

This morning, at approximately six o'clock, my dog woke me up. Now, since our typical waking up time in the morning starts around seven thirty these days, I was not impressed. However, I guess I do owe her a little, because her waking me up meant that I rolled out of bed with a dream still fresh in my mind.

Within this dream was the seed for a new thesis story. After I woke up the second time and went through my morning routine, I fleshed the story out, figured out how to start it, and decided that the main character should be named Maggie.

The funny part is that now I can't really remember the dream itself, which has faded until only one image remains. All I hang onto is the picture of Maggie herself, a gray cloud above, and the thought "she is the weather."

I think the dog has earned herself an extra treat or two today.


Debbie said...

That's worth at least 3 treats and a long long walk. Have fun with the story. When the Universe sends you one of those, you have to go with it.

Jenny said...

Yeah, but watch that Sherman doesn't really know what her treat is for. It's hard for dogs to understand that you are greatful for a vague idea...she'll think she gets a treat everytime she wakes you up early. So be nice, but sneaky-nice.

Maybe, instead of Maggie, you should name the character Sherman, in honor of the cause of the story.

Ali said...

We went to the dog park. I consider my debt paid :)